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Emely Hedel

Camp Around

May, 3st 2020

Here I introduce you to Camp Around. A camp which is not only made for musicians but should also include all other arts. So not only songs can be created, but also stories, books, dances, movies, paintings and other things. There are no guidelines. 

We will organise this camp at least once a year. Participants are artists, producer and creatives. You are interested and wanna join us? Then send us an email with a short bio and we will add you to the list.

How does Camp Around work now? - First of all you need a period of at least three days, there is no maximum (but I wouldn't recommend more than ten days to anyone). Then you find some participants, some pens, paper and individual creative utensils. 

\\ One Day - One Challenge \\

Day 1 consists of arriving, kicking off and making preparations. This is where the pens and paper come into play. Before it can even start, the challenges have to be prepared. Every participant gets the task to write several challenges on small lottery tickets until the end of the day. How many, that is something you have to decide beforehand.

What do the challenges look like? - The most important thing: the challenges must be possible within the camp and they must be completed within one day. But the goal is that you have to solve the task creatively. As mentioned above, this does not have to happen musically. Formulate the challenges in such a way, that the person, who has to solve them ,has to think about them first. Give him creative freedom.

Once all your challenges are prepared, they are collected in the Challenge Glass and one by one you draw your first challenge for the next day. Because: One Day - One Challenge! One day to master the task. At the end of each day there will be a Show Around at 6 pm in the evening, where all participants will present their results.

\\ Main task \\

In addition to the daily tasks, each participant also defines a main task. This is announced and written down with the drawing of the first Challenge on day 1. The processing of the main task has to be done until the last Show Around and is presented there.

\\ Results \\

To give you a better idea of the whole thing, I present here my results from my very first Camp Around. There were three of us and we locked ourselves up in a 4-room apartment for three days (that was the week before "Corona" and all the limitations. By the way, this was an unintentional but awesome exercise for later quarantine restrictions to stay creative!) Here I present you now my challenges and my main task.

Challenge 1:  "You have 3 colors. Which one is missing?"

The first day. Since my main task (see below) was already "musically breathed on", I wanted to approach this challenge differently. Eventually I came to the conclusion: "Then I'll write a children's book!" Heh, easier said than done. Because I was running out of time towards the end and I couldn't finish painting, I used picture templates, which unfortunately can't be shown here. I think it is still clear that I had fun!

Challenge 2:  "Many artists want to please people. Show us that you want exactly the opposite."

People Pleaser was created for this challenge. Read more about its creation here in the article.

Main task:  "To produce at least two songs in StudioOne."

No matter how long or how many elements. No matter if you play your own guitar or use a sound library. I just wanted to do something. I had already produced the first song within Challenge 2. For the second song I took two days and still it became quite tight towards the end. The finished thing is called Loose Or Hide and made me work through a complicated friendship that threatened to end a few days before. At least for me. But - we pulled ourselves together. So if you wanna learn more about this song, go over here!