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Emely Hedel

Loose or Hide

March 2020

Written by Emely Hedel

Produced by Emely Hedel

Mixing & Mastering by Max Händel

\\ The task \\

This song was created within my very first Camp Around and was the result of my main task:

"Produce at least two songs in StudioOne.“

No matter how long or how many elements. No matter if it's a real guitar or a sound library. I just wanted to do it. I had already produced the first song with my Challenge 2 - People Pleaser. It took two days for the second song but towards the end, it got quite tight. The finished thing is called Loose Or Hide and made me work through a complicated friendship that threatened to end before. At least for me.

\\Loosing and hiding \\

Don't you know that? Your best friend has a different opinion in many situations, you two couldn't be more different anyway and yet there is one thing that connects you. The one thing, that makes you friends. You share secrets and intimate things, you're adventurous, you're the best work colleagues and together you take on any task together or you have the exact same hobbies and go to the same bungalow by the lake every weekend and take your family with you. But after three months, a year or 15 years you came to a point, where your priorities change, where thoughts and opinions collide, because certain topics were not an issue before.

Without knowing, reality shifts and suddenly you see your best friend with different eyes, perhaps clearer eyes? Was everything before just pink glasses? How could I have overlooked, that principles and our way to think, don’t work at all, as I thought they would? How could my longtime friend, my very best friend, in such a fundamental thing, like that the creation of art and music or the creation and representation of a moment, has nothing to do with theory and techniques, not agree with me anymore? Or did she or he never use to agree?

Of course, with the help of theory we understand a thought, a melody that is in our mind and we learn to put this melody into our hands, voices and ears by the help of theory. But quite clearly for me: first comes the spark, first comes music and then technique and theory, that we have to find and learn to use. They are tools, that help us, not rules or guidelines, such as how melodies should run or on which chord a verse should end.


Put an end to it - lose it?

Give in and act against one's principles - hide?

The question should be more about how important this one friendship is to you. If it's still good for you and gives you enough space to be yourself, then you should try to find a compromise and focus on going for a hike, continue fishing or just finish this one freaking song. Because even, when the friendship is almost over, you say goodbye in a honestly and respectfully way.

We should be more willing to lose. No matter how high the price is. We don´t respect and appreciate time together enough and therefore also our fellows. To leave someone and be honest with each other, really, really honest, is hard, but liberating and so close to what you call reality. Hiding shouldn’t be an option at all.

\\ Colour and music \\


\\ Lyrics \\

I lost my head

I lost my bones

As i am down

I setup the light again

They talk red

While I see blue

You couldn’t get it

Even if you had my eyes

So let’s call it a night

I am done for today

The smile loses it’s face

I am done for today

I have strained something that’s already ripped

Now I`m picking

Picking up the pieces

Uuuh Huh

Uuuh Huh

Uuuh Huh

Uuuh Huh

No more tears

To lose

To hide

As I`m down I pick up my next fight

My hands shine red

While they see nothing

Leave it be the one to take it

As I`m covered in my own blood

I start it again

Silently putting my both feed back in

So surely I’m kicking the rules

Call it tabu

I did it once

I`m gonna do it twice

I`m shure

I`m shure

I`m shure

Uuuh Huh

Uuuh Huh




Mmmh mmmh I call it

Mmmh mmmh I take it

Uuuh I use it

Uuuh I do it