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Emely Hedel

Safe Zone

January 2016

Written by Emely Hedel

Produced by Emely Hedel & Leonard Bernd

Mixing by Leonard Bernd

Mastering by Fabian Kiesewetter

\\ It begins \\

I press play and dive back into the beginnings of Dörte. A project that started in a small student town somewhere in deepest Saxony (DE). A rather uninteresting place, but it is filled with so many creative people that you can't help it and become one of those creative people. Sure, I have made music before, but in that time I started to see myself as a musician, to make more of my own music and work together with others. This was my first "own" co-working.

\\ Co-Worker \\

My fellow Leo (we were studying together) and I just wanted to try it: write a song together. He was a newbie to the field of co-writing. I wasn't, but until then I had only used my guitar or piano as a basic component.

We started with a little sketch of a synth theme and some drums. Not much, but just the sound of the chords wrapped me up with an atmosphere that felt right. There was a song in there.

\\ Colors and music \\

At first I heard a room whose existence seemed to be a mystery. But somehow there were small elements here and there that assured me that I was in the right place. You can imagine it like this: You meet someone and you realize really quickly you're on the same page. You skip the "getting to know someone" stage and start immediately sharing everything with each other and the conversation never stops. It doesn't matter whether it's on an initial or permanent friendly basis. That's how I felt with Safe Zone - I had discovered my safety zone.

Some of you already know that I listen to my music and music that moves me in colours. It's not as weird as some others who really see tone by tone in colours. I just hear colours, images and spaces. Since I have never trained my talents in painting, it is difficult for me to put these pictures on paper.

But - I tried it!

\\ Lyrics \\

Attempt to stay for more

Coming closer off shore

Lost in time 

Ambient sound spinning round

Talking through nights `til we stop talking at all

I can’t seem to get you off my mind

Draw breath

need to rest

we don’t sleep it off we keep holding on holding on

Covered in passion flowing right through me in the low light

All I can think of your hands tight across my body

Looking for more to feel insane 

I´m a believer never lose this fever

You´re my safe zone

Safe zone

You can´t make it stop

So spell it out let´s go out fight the wall never cut me of your beating chest

Won´t take the highway 

Don´t stop don´t stop don´t stop

Tell me what you want

what you really want

You can´t kill that flame sparkling in your eyes

I say take the bait cause time flies

We´ve been naughty I can tell

No hope for resolution but a ticket to hell

You’re my safe zone

Safe zone