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vocal production?

this is a question I get asked super often. short version: vocal production is everything regarding vocals when producing music. but let's dive a bit deeper and let me show you what I do as a vocal producer.

I always start by listening to the demo, meeting with the singer/artist and talking about the song. (recommended) After we sat a date, I prepare our session(s). For this I need the instrumental track, lyrics and some demo/acoustic version. It also allows me to sketch out ideas beforehand and look through creative effects we might use later.

and then: playtime - recording your vocals, which always touches songwriting for me too. we work with performances and emotions, but to do so we handle lyrics and melodies to fully understand what we wanna do and how to approach.

I DON'T like to press record, do 20 vocal take and craft something out of it.
I wanna find and 
capture the voice that makes you unique and your music authentic.

I will always prefer a take with remarkable performance, even when the tuning is a bit off. you can fix the tuning, but you can't 'fix' a performance.

we work through every part of your song step by step together

and we take a whole day to do so.

while we do that we also work on the vocal arrangement.

where do we put things, do we wanna make doubles, do we need harmonies, are there ideas for backing vocals, choirs <3 and so on.

As I always prepare a session beforehand, you can expect a lot of ideas in that department ☻

at the end of the day we listen to everything again and do a little vocal mix track. the sound we build, meaning balance, effects & color, is of course a big thing and I want you to have a recording of your vision.

usually the next day I do an editing and cleaning up session. I go through every vocal track again, focus on details, adjust the mix if I do see fit and export everything for you.

After that, your song is ready to mix, to master or wherever you are in the process.

all of those steps affect each other and at the end we create something that is filled with meaning, emotions, stories - and you.
this is vocal production to me <3

full reference table (PDF)

my studio
my little studio is located in Berlin, where i do most of my productions and recordings. it is a great place for recording vocals (obviously), mixing and mastering. As I'm also working in other studios now and then, you are always welcome to use the space for your own projects too. send me an email or dm and we will check if it's possible.

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